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What is South Wales Soul all about?

Remembering the days when music meant more than life itself .

Our aim is to keep alive the music which we all grew up listening too before computers and games consoles, when we used to take our transistor radios or boom boxes to the local parks, beaches etc and chilled to the jazz funk, soul, disco, reggae and boogie tunes, from the times in the 70's where we spent ages with our C30 / C60 / C90 cassette tapes as young kids listening to the chart music of the day, fingers on the record button and where we did our best to cut out the DJ's chat with our fingers on the pause , trying not to spoil the track we were hoping to record, saving our money from the odd jobs, paper rounds and other chores just to get to our local music store to buy the latest in thing!. The 80's came along and we were spoilt for choice with CD's then Mini discs and the introduction of the walkman and then personal CD players, music became personal, no longer did we share with the community but we entered our own little world where we were able to listen to the music our parents were not always in agreement with. Then today we have it all mp3's have taken over and we have the world's music at our finger tips, yet we still want to re-create the good old days and South Wales Soul hopes to re-create that feeling of deja-vu, where you think back to the time when you associated music with that special moment in your life, maybe that first kiss or the best nights you ever had when you first went "clubbing", if this is you , you are not alone as there are many over 30's that are still looking to find the buzz and foot tapping tunes that they remember, and want to re-live. Now is your chance come re-vitalise your life with us, our events will be posted on this site.